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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  September 29, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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effect our hometown team sixers. it is coffee day, lots of free coffee all over many establishments that selikoffe. >> still surprised. i thought it was special. she was at counter. coffee's on me. i got to work and found out it is national coffee day a everyone gets it for free. great to have you with us on this friday or whatever day it may be. i know it is not the weekend for a lot of people but tgif. >> and you are special to me, thomas, regardless, coffee or no coffee. all right. we've got 10 out of 10 today. it will be a beautiful day. it will finally feel like fall there is bus stop budd which his cup of coffee. i know he is only eight years old and more for symbolism then anything else. there is phillies starting their last, three game, of the season, the last home game of the season and eagles play on sunday. he is all ready for weekend. temperatures in the 50's. we are off to a cool start, nothing on radar, 56 degrees
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in philadelphia with a northwesterly breeze at 5 miles an hour. relative humidity 62 percent. not bad at all. nice morning as long as you are wearing a sweater. 72 degrees. a fine fall day in store and then tonight a few cloud, and maybe a stray shower, 56 degrees overnight. it will be a cool one as well. how cool will it get this weekend and how about the seven day forecast all of that coming up, in a few minutes. good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning. can't wait to open up the windows and just let the cool breeze, coming in, 5:01, we are opened for business, we are opened sign now, they have pulled the cones up, and we are good to go on the schuylkill expressway. overnight construction gone. looking good on the bennie. flags getting a work out from camden, new jersey. no problems up and over the area bridges. they are working on the northeast extension southbound , between lansdale, and the mid county interchange , so look out there they are also working down here in wilmington, 95
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here near martin luther king boulevard rolling up through heart of the town. busy weekend in south philadelphia, we have it all going on we have phillies against mets last home game series here at the park, flyers sunday afternoon at the center, and then, of course, temple football saturday at noon at the link, karen and thomas back to you. how about this one, there was a shooting in phoenixville just such a busy downtown there sending one person to the hospital. we have sky fox above the scene right there. they have a great district there. so many people out, shopping, eating. detectives did find the weapon they were looking for whoever did this but lets get to jenny joyce from the scene right there so jenny, where exactly are you standing. >> reporter: we are standing here, this is an alley way, thinks bank street right off of bridge street. bridge street is main area do you see up here. this is called children's plaza. this is where this shooting happened, lets look at our video this area is roped off with yellow police tape. you see evidence markers,
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investigators covering this quaint block of the 200 block of bridge street. the shooting happened just before 10:00 o'clock last night. right now we are awaiting an update from investigators to see how the victim is doing. we know one person was transported to the hospital, as for the shooting police spent the night looking for him. they have not announced any arrest at this point. this area typically does not see crime like this and to give you some perspective the colonial theater where the movie the blob was shot and just a few hundred feet from where this shooting happened. the town underwent a major multi million-dollar revitalization effort, in recent years, and this is a spot where people come daily for shops and restaurant. some of those restaurant is still opened last night when the shooting happened. >> just so curious there in that stretch. so many people know it there. thank you. 5:03. search is continuing for a group of three guys we first told but this story yesterday. three men, shot and robbed a
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30 year-old, after midnight, in the kingsessing, victim had been walking to his girlfriend 's house at 54th and warrington when he was attack, jumped. it was so bad. he has been paralyzed and he is in the hospital. investigators think it is same group behind another crime that happened minutes earlier where another victim was pistol whipped. a pack courtroom expected today for sentencing of david creato, the camden county father pleaded guilty to killing his three-year old son brandon. creato faces 10 year prison term. it will be an emotion will day as well. steve keeley joins us from the courthouse, steve. >> reporter: well, david creato is now 24 years old, still very young. i will do math for you here because he has been lock up here in the camden county jail attached to the courthouse since january 12th, 2015. unable to make $750,000 bail. the plea bargain that he got, gets him eligible for parole in just eight and a half years he has been lock up alreadyars
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since his arrest, creato could be out, just past his 30th birthday. so for admitting to killing his three-year old son, brand an, staging it like someone else either took his son out of his apartment without him knowing it or his son somehow wandered on his own and then ended up nearly a mile away in the cooper river, a very feeble cover up, try according to veteran investigators. now after the mistrial in may when two jurors must have fell for creato's terrible acting job on the police interrogation room video when a detective told him his son who he reported missing in the 911 call that morning after being found dead, camden county prosecutor's office faced with a secondary trial scheduled for this month, agreed to this plea and got it done in court, without any media present august 23rd. thomas, you mentioned it will be a packed courtroom today n1 was in the courtroom. it was like they were a shame of reaching this deal.
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only one in the courtroom on august 23rd when he admitted, suffocating his son. we don't know what he said because we were not there only won there were the mother and her family. we will see a lot of people here today and maybe get some answers finally, maybe david creato will speak but certainly some of the witnesses, or victims, family may speak as well, and get to say something to him before he is shuffled off to hang out with fred neulander the rabbi who must be wondering why didn't i get such a great deal >> certainly a man, david creato who has been void of emotions. we will see today. ah, steve thank you. 5:06. we have more details about a stab nothing a grocery store parking lot in wilmington. a woman just finished shopping wednesday around 6:00 at the shop rite. she said a man with a knife yank opened her car door and then tried to get in and start it. she jumped out, ran away, he went after her and stabbed her in the elbow and thigh. man who tried to intervene ended up on the other end of the attacker's knife as well.
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shoppers, they are keeping a very close eye, on the surroundings. >> i will be more careful, when i do come there, and i will tell my family to also be more careful but that won't hinder me from coming here. >> police identified the attacker from store video and soon after arrested both would the men an man who tried to help her are recovering this morning. 5:07. we have a murder mystery in woodbury, new jersey, so many people gathering to pay their respects, to a woman, house sitter who was murdered, 26 year-old shawnic carter was house sitting on saturday when someone beat her to death. police say that there is in threat to the community but still, a lot of people are scared, the community and religious leaders they tried to reassure the people who came out. >> we come here today driven by a tragedy. first and foremost we prayed
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for the family. >> lots of prayers there. candles lit there. no arrests and no lead that police are revealing so far in that case. we have another odd one a missing teenager from the princeton area and police say they are baffled. she's 16 year-old her name is emily lopez ratania and she has never come home. she's 5-foot four, she has brown eyes, dark hair, police are asking if you have any information to please call them. 5:08. local tree company will pay a fine after admit to go hiring undocumented immigrants. they have been headquartered in willow grove. they were ordered to pay 95 million-dollar and sign an agreement made by the u.s. immigration and customs enforcement. according to court documents from 2010 until december 2014, the company hired employees, throughout the u.s., accepting identification documents, they knew before fake. right now our u.s.
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military is sending a three star general to puerto rico with thousands of more troops to help in the recovery there people are also getting support from the cruise line royal caribbean. the cruise line tweeted out pictures after dropping off some supplies and picking up 1700 evacueeness san juan. the ship's crew says they are on their way to pick up more victims in st. croix and saint thomas. we have drone video that shows how extensive the damage is. those are pictures, fuel lines that are there for people trying to get fuel devastation the president says he is trying to do more, he has faced criticism, and so many are struggling to survive. we have been hearing those stories. they have lifted shipping restriction toss puerto rico, supplies will get to people faster but they need people to get supplies and distribute them. so many people calling for more action. >> what we have done is not nearly enough, and that is why we are here today to call on the federal government and trump administration to continue to step up to the plate and send the american
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citizens of puerto rico the aid that they desperately need >> here's the problem right now, take a look at that there are complaints there are thousands of containers with supplies, stuck at san juan ports because of red tape and people cannot get them where they need to be and lack of communications from the crippling power outage. new jersey senator one menendez heading to puerto rico to survey the damage. the demies spoke arrive this morning. he said we knee a quote on the ground assessment to see how congress can jump start recovery efforts. the senator's corruption trial has just wrapped up for the week. time for my kid to get their light fall jackets and my little dude has a field trip to one of the farms. that time of the year with the apple picking and hey ride. >> nice fall weather. just in time time to opened up the window and let allergens in and stink bugs. >> it is last weekend of baseball for phillies, they play mets tonight at citizens bank park and yep, that is at
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the advice, we will start at 7:00 and temperatures will fall in the 60 ace and in the 50's by the time you go home. right now in philadelphia walking out the door it is only 46 in pottstown. forty-eight in reading. forty-one, burr, in mount pocono this morning. fifty-seven in wildwood. fifty-two in wilmington. waking up to 49 in phoenixville. forty-seven in bethlehem. average high is 73 degrees. yesterday we were above average but not as warm as wednesday was with a high of 89. today 72. tomorrow 67. a sunny sunday with a high of 07 degrees. so tomorrow will be, pretty much on the chilly side but good football weather for the temple game at the link and then by the end of the seven day forecast by thursday, we could be back in the 80's. so, a lot of things going on in that seven day forecast, but no rain, bob kelly, it looks dry all the way through. >> sounds great. 5:11 on this friday morning. we have some delays on the septa's paoli thorndale
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regional rail line and rest of the system looking g amtrak, new jersey transit, patco, dart in problem there. hello to maple shade, new jersey waking up at national coffee day grab yourself a cup and lets get moving. karen and thomas, back to you. i heard about this one yesterday, actress julia lewis dryfuss we know her from seinfeld and then sleep, new she has a plea to her fans after, learning that she has breast cancer. >> you look at social media such a pur full tweet she said one in eight women get breast cancer. today i'm one. we will have more coming up in a moment. also ahead at 5:12. >> do you like spicy food? maybe it will help you lose weight if you like the heat, wow you may want to jump in the itch ken fire it up.
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for second day in a row that there has been a rock side at yesemite national park you can see it, a popular climbing site there el captain , there is lots of debris that came down when they had that slide. we know there was a tourist killed from the falling debris that happened yesterday, a british tourist, victim was hiking with his wife, when a huge chunk of granite broke free. top stories here at 5:15, several days after four teens were shot in east germantown the gun man remains on the
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loose. community shattered by the violence trying to make sense of it all. family, friends neighbors coming together for an emotional vigil last night and remembering 16 year-old johnny costas killed on the 100 block ofe pastorius street. a 13 year-old girl and two young men 18 and 19 were wounded in that shooting. community members releasing balloons as a tribute while pleading for an end to all this violence. >> it is stop the nonsense. y'all brothers. >> wake up and understand that the no snitching mentality has got to go. it has got to go. >> it has to end. the 19 year-old victim remains in the hospital in critical condition. investigators are not sure who the intended target was but does not believe it was costas guy got that got off before is going to jail for murder. south jersey man acquitted in a deadly shooting a decade ago is now charged with killing a mother of three.
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prosecutors say 25 year-old donald scurry, junior shot and killed celeste cannon last week in millville. investigators found this victim 24 year-old dead in her home, he was found not guilty back in 2012 of fatally shooting rakim stubs during a fight christmas day in 2008. investigate organization say discarded smoking material cause aid fire that killed a pregnant woman and her two young sons, state police in berks county ruled that the september 2nd fire accidental. fire originated on the first floor rear porch at a home in hamburg about 90 minutes northwest of philadelphia victims were 27 year-old jennifer wilder in her two sons, ages five and two. officials say wilder was about six months pregnant. 5:17. temple hospital need your help they have a patient and nobody knows hoe is is or who his family is. look autopsy the screen right now because this guy arrived at the hospital back on september 22nd. they think he is about 50 years old, he has some scars on his right and left biceps,
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and they are hoping that you will recognize him and they will be able to find his friend and family. pennsylvania supreme court has revived a lawsuit over how the state funds schools. in 2014 the william pen school district along with five other districts across the state, parentses and other organizations filed that lawsuit. they claimed harrisburg fails to adequately fund students and provide student with enough resources. yesterday supreme court ordered commonwealth court to hold a trial on whether state officials are in fact violating the state's constitution. u.s. department of education has recognized general george a mccall elementary school as a national blue ribbon school and they have earned it. it is one of 350 schools all across the nation to get that award which honors excellence in public and private school. in case are wondering yes i can do that move. >> that was out there accounts
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actually. >> yeah, right. >> it is 51:89 right now. a beautiful weekend it is setting up to be, sue. >> it will feel like fall after all that heat and humidity. it is still tropical storm season. we have hurricane leeway out in the middle of the ocean. closer to shore is maria, a tropical storm, but it is, not expected to move, back toward us at all, and 60 miles an hour winds, it is about 300 miles north of ber mood and best parties direction it is head ago way from the east coast of the united states. watch out for rich currents this weekend because it is still off shore. our next weather event may be a sure or two north and west of the city, probably while you are sleeping tonight but reenforcing cold front that will, reenforce the cooler air that is already in place, it is maybe pop up shower or two on saturday and we will
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analyze that for you coming up but may see cloud, on saturday by sunday, bright and sunny and looking pretty good. so plan your weekend accordingly. we have 56 degrees in philadelphia right now 406789 's to the north of us, it is a chilly morning. sixty-four by lunchtime. seasonal high of 72, 73 degrees, clear skies in the overnight hours so bob kelly, waiting for sweater weather, wait no more, it is here. >> get those clothes out of the attic time to change up the closet. good morning. 5:20. delays on the septa paoli thorndale regional rail line. first train 10 or 15 minutes a lot of events this weekend, parkway dunn town here, inner drive will be closed, tonight, and tomorrow, from six to 10, so tonight, leaving town is going to be a tough one, if you typically use the parkway, and a busy weekend in south
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philadelphia, will lead us with a lot of jammos in and out of the parking lot. phillies last home stand here at the ballpark, flyers kicking things in on the ice on sunday and tell am credits the street here 12:00 noon tomorrow at lincoln financial field. now, good news heading to or from the poconos that construction that was set for this weekend postponed, so, it will be opened all weekend long, we will postponed that project, until sometime the end of the october, karen and thomas, back over to you. the boss, bruce springsteen always puts on a good show no surprise his show on broadway is completely sold out. >> we knew this would happen, a short run, everyone wants to go but there are ticket there on the market where you can find them out there, thousands of bucks but there is a way you can get seats for $75? we will explain. here's sean bell. coming up in sports in a ming also will head out west to l.a. to take on the chargers hear why zach ertz thinks this game will be
5:22 am
tougher then it looks, next in sports.
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the regular season is right around the corner for the flyers, they kicked things off next wednesday against san help say, last night they had another preseason game with
5:25 am
the bruins, flyers jumped all over bruins early, second period already up moran with the perfect pass to wayne simmonds and he cashes in the flyers, get easy win five-one. to the eagles heading out west to take on chargers and that game will be a lot harder then it looks. zach ertz knows that this and it is not going to sleep on the chargers. >> they have just haven't had the ball bounce their way, they who 19-17, 24-21 and they played with the chiefs until very end. they're a good team. long flight. we are looking forward to going on the road again an getting another road victory. to the yankees and rays, sixth inning trever with the solo shot to left, yankees lose this 19-six. another yankees who or red sox win could clinch al east for the red sox. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. couple years ago, three years ago we thought this sam hinkie the whole sixers
5:26 am
culture upon trust the process , a culture of losing. horrible to watch. made it infuriating. now nba is reforming the entire draft lottery system. >> beginning with the 2019 draft the team with the war record no longer has best odd of number one pick from 2019 on the teams with the three war record have the same chance, 14 percent at the topic. previously team with the war record had a 25 percent chance another change, the league can now fine teams $100,000 for resting healthy players for national tv games. >> make it better to watch for everybody, good entertainment. 5:26. coming up a developing story right now phoenixville busy main street so many shops and restaurants, look at what happened. there was a shooting, one person hit. >> what police recovered at that scene that may lead to the gun man. lets check that morning chilly forecast with sue serio, good morning. >> any weather pattern that transitioned yesterday is in place our jet stream has moved
5:27 am
in letting in the cooler air, dry air, is what our weekend forecast we will have it coming up.
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search for a shoot inner phoenixville, striking one
5:30 am
person there. and also learning his fate , he admitted to killing his own son, little boy and now that father, will find out his punishment. >> it is national coffee day, so what you need to know, it is free swag, where you can join in on this national holiday, it is being called on this friday. well, free coffee, you like free stuff and some free coffee may be downstairs outside our studios at fourth and market. >> yes. >> good morning. >> thomas drayton with karen hepp, sue serio joins with us a cooler then normal start. it is fall after all. >> it finally feels like it after temperatures in the 90's in the week. buddy wearing a sweat shirt this morning and his cup of joe. i don't know if he is really allowed to drink coffee yet but it is international coffee day. it is 50's right now but to the north of us some of them are in the 40's. we have 56 degrees in philadelphia coolest morning we have seen in a while. northwesterlies at 5 miles an hour.
5:31 am
62 percent relative humidity. sunrise time not until 6:56 but once the sun comes out, we expect to have a beautiful, fall, friday with high temperature of 72 degrees and that is seasonal for the end of the month of september, it is right, bob kelly, tomorrow is last day of the month, october 1st is sunday, wow. >> trip out that calendar last time to scribble on it. 5:31. tgif, grabbing your coffee, 309 looking good near fort washington interchange. most of the construction, picked up and gone. we are ready for morning rush hour. here we go, delays coming into philadelphia on the 42 freeway as pockets of volume form, curb check saint gabriel's curve on route 422, kind of quiet, no problems at all through phoenixville. septa's regional rail line, thorndale first train out of the gate running with a couple delays and later tonight through weekend the parkway, inner drive will be closed from six to 10, keep that in
5:32 am
mind for tonight leaving the city after 6:00 o'clock. karen and thomas, back to you. shots ring out at an intersection in phoenixville striking one person, police now have recovered the gun but they are still searching for the person who pulled the trigger. jenny joyce is working this story this mornin in phoenixville, hi there jenny. >> reporter: good morning, thomas. phoenixville police are working the case. they are down the street at the police station. thinks where it happened behind me this area known as children's plaza investigators tell us that the shooting happened on the 200 block of bridge street here, at bridge and bank, just before 10:00 o'clock last night, our video shows evidence markers, police tape, investigators, covering this block, according to police, one person was transported from this scene to the hospital, and where we're awaiting an update from investigators to see how that person is doing. as for the shooter police spent the night looking for him but they have not announced any arrest at this point.
5:33 am
this area that typically does not see crime like this downtown phoenixville, it underwent a multi million-dollar revitalization effort in recent years, a lot of people are now attract to this small town and they come for the shops, they come for the restaurants. a lot of restaurant is still opened because this shooting happened just before 10:00 o'clock last night, so again, no arrests made at this point, as phoenixville police continue to investigate the shooting, thomas and karen. >> wow, that is surprising, thanks, jenny, we appreciate it. sentencing day for david creato that father who confessed to killing his own little boy just three years old. now he is looking to the 10 years in prison. he is expected to be sentence at 1:30 this afternoon. lets get to steve keeley at the courthouse. >> reporter: aloft people watching who don't know that are probably shouting at their tv, 10 years, that is it for killing a three-year old boy and staging it in a horrendous attempt at a cover up.
5:34 am
that is the deal he got. a deal is the keyword there. let's make a deal because they had a mistrial and they probably didn't have much confidence in their case which was bungled according to investigators over in philadelphia hoff been watching this case. they have had two jurors hold out after watching the video of david creato and still maybe he convinced two of the 12 jurors with his bad acting job acting shocked, surprised and so upset when a detective tells him his son that he had reported miss ago this morning back october 2015 was dead. so creato who has been locked up since january of 2015 right now, almost two years will get credit for time served with this 10 year deal and only has to do eight and a half years, overall so knock off almost two years. he will get out in only seven years. he is only 24. so just around age 30.
5:35 am
he could be a freeman again for killing his three-year old son. question now is we have cameras in the courtroom. sentencing is a formal thing. he has a plea deal reached august 23rd no one was in court for that. but we do know bit today. will create he say anything today publicly? will he apologize? will he have to admit facts of the case which we still don't know what will happen. we will see. you can bet some of the little boys mother's family will be talk to go day in court when they get to do a witness impact testimony. it will be something, whether anything happens or not but maybe not we will hear or not from david creato we will wait and hear. steve, thank you. immigration agents arrested hundreds of undocumented immigrants in the sweep of sanctuary cities across the u.s. most of those arrests taking place right here in philadelphia. u.s. immigration and customs enforcement teams arrested
5:36 am
nearly 500 people wanted from 42 countries. it was a four day national sweep, dubbed operation safe city and ended on wednesday. ice officials say they targeted cities where local law enforcement agencies are not complying with federal immigration order. in all 107 undocumented immigrants were arrested in philadelphia out of 498 people nationwide, that is american any of the other nine cities where the sweep took place. well, you cannot put a government flag is what the federal judge told lehigh county. a large christian cross on the flag in the seal of lehigh county is unconstitutional as an endorsement of religion. judge ruled against lehigh county in the suit filed from freedom of religious foundation and four local members. they have objecting to the cross's inclusion there on the flag and seal and they wanted to get an order to get it removed. the judge gave that group, two weeks to come up with an injunction. it is 5:36. bobbies back there getting
5:37 am
ready, looking at cameras on the roadways on this friday, tgif to you, bob. >> yeah, right back at you, gang on a friday morning, so far so good in and out of the center city. an accident on the roosevelt boulevard northbound at third street, come on lets do a sing along, let's crank it up. foundation. build me up butter cup, wilmington. suebias working on your forecast up next. you each drive a ford pickup right? (all) yes. i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. stronger the better. and best of all, this new truck is actually- (all laughing) oh my.... the current chevy silverado. current chevy owners and lessees get a total value of ten-thousand, six hundred dollars. or, 0% financing for 72 months on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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do you enjoy shopping at ikea with you dread putting furniture together? there is a solution here. >> thinks teaming up two of my favorite things, you will be able to pay someone to put it all together for i, because ikea is buying task rabbit. you just go on, find somebody to put your stuff together, reprogram your computer, hang up, whatever you cannot do wonderful people from your own community will come over and fix it, put it together. now they will assemble you're key a furniture. ikea says it is offered these services in the locationness london and they plan to bring it to the rest of the world including our area this fall. in your health this morning you might want to add spicy food tour diet. researchers at arizona state university say cap says inn the ingredient that puts hot
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in hot peppers speed up your metabolism, higher your metabolism the more calories you burn and by add ago this heat you can burn 120 more calories a day. >> that is hot sauce on my desk i will put it on a car on they see it. >> all right. lets get over to your sue serio with a check of our forecast. >> it clears ursinuses too during this allergy season isn't that that important. we have a phillies game, last three game of the season starting tonight 70 degrees for a game time, bring your jacket, sweater weather is here we will tell you how long it sticks around, come back and join us with the temptations.
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5:44 am
good morning, everybody. meding out to downtown philadelphia we have an accident in the neighborhood, street road, 926 at middleton road in chester county. so far so good on the turnpike not bad from philly over to valley forge, blue route, heading down to the airport, all through weekend tonight and tomorrow they will close parkway inner drive setting up for a big event. that would be closed tonight heading home, keep that in mind for anybody leaving center city. expect some jammos in and out of the stadium area all three
5:45 am
venues jumping this weekend. fill business their last home stand of the year, mets in town, flyers on sunday on the ice, tomorrow, temple at 12 noon at the link and all that volume will bring us extra volume on the schuylkill. ninety-five in and out of the parking lots all weekend long. what are we looking at here? this is 95 up in bucks county in that construction zone, the northbound side. i'm not sure if there was an accident, it looks like somebody plowed through the cones, that is not good, this is i-95, northbound, right here near route one up in bucks county. so be careful right there, and di our floor director that is ramp that is closed, out of no where we have some cones up, all right, that is what happens, she is on tv. sueby has the forecast in 15 seconds
5:46 am
first weekend of fall didn't feel like fall and this one will it will be beautiful weather this sunday morning stepping out to cure scleroderma and we still need to find a cure, from this auto immune disease. we will be at lloyd hall kelly drive boat house row. registration at 8:15. walk time 9:15. if you need more information we hope to see through on sunday morning. for us high pressure in control for us, we have a cold front sipping through, late tonight, into tomorrow, and re enforcing the cooler air that is already in place and our weather pattern that doesn't feel like summer anymore. maria expected to be stay off shore. looking at future cast we will see some cloud rolling in maybe tomorrow and here and
5:47 am
there and will be cooler today but if you see a sprinkle or two it is not a big deal. let's hope not. sunday looks beautiful as we mentioned for whatever you are doing, hopefully start the day with us at boat house row and have a great afternoon, temperatures around town lancaster 53. west chester 51. coatsville 46 degrees to get started. new jersey 55. williamstown 52. only 47 degrees in mount holly it feels different out there sun takes to us 72 later today cooler day tomorrow. sixty-seven. up to 70 on sunday. another perfect 10. and then, warming up as we head into the middle of next week by thursday it should be 81 degrees, enjoy. >> just a fall little tease. what i statement here one in eight women get breast cancer, today i am one of them , that is stunning announcement from julia louie dryfuss, who is fighting breast cancer. >> she's star of veep and seinfeld cast member for years
5:48 am
so she tweeted out that picture saying exactly that and she has so many supportive friends and family. it was stunning and wake up call for all women yesterday certainly. she's using this to advocate for universal health care for all woman. bruce springsteen fans, feeling lucky. >> every day. >> exactly. >> his show will be limited run, it is already sold out but you may find a way to get there boss announced lotteries for tickets to see him on broadway. there is a digital lottery that will give away 26 tickets , lucky that means you can get to any of the shows from october 3rd to the final show, in february only, $75. guess what, it doesn't cost you a thing to enter. talk about a bipartisan show of power the president's former president clinton, george w. bush and obama on hand to support americans in round one yesterday. it is first time since 94 that
5:49 am
three presidents attended the event at the same time. the president you see there were spotted taking selfies were players and their families including phil mickelson's family. president trump who was expected to attend sunday. >> first selfie nicholson ever took. fast food is become, fashionable, so they mix it up all together so taco bellies latest, forever 21, get ready for taco earrings, accessory, body suits, and put a burrito on your back side, taco honor behind. hot sauce. >> so yesterday on good day, around 8:30 karen hepp made her famous chile, right. >> how did that turnout. >> it was a fail, i didn't no salt. >> so here's how it all went down, this was a cook off. >> um-hmm. >> who judged you. >> it was judges from held kitchen. lets take a look please present your food, whatever you decide, do you want to put
5:50 am
it here. >> it is turkey chile. >> okay, come over here. >> this is turkey chile and i cannot make it too spicy so i have all these kid and i made it for dinner. >> are you praised for thisy thought i was but my husband told me he didn't think mine was best and he loved the one from the super bowl. he said all i do is just chuck cans of stuff into that. >> he did not say that. >> he did say that. >> he is in the dog house. >> are y'all tasting it. >> what was that a c minus. >> be gordon ramsey. >> there is a little bit of sp ice. >> it is not offensive, it is all over your pallet heat. it is lacking a little salt. >> scott williams, his was so good. >> was it good, mike's joining us. >> scott's was really good. >> what was lacking is salt.
5:51 am
>> here's what you didn't see immediately following the taste continuing. >> they didn't have any salt. >> all of the judges. >> mike, he is recovering this morning. good morning, mike. >> what i have to say about that is this. no, i ate a lot of that chile. so, coming up on good day fill at one that i do, we still call this all "good day philadelphia". >> yes. >> coming up, in the next hour >> we're united. >> so anyway in the six to 10, somewhere in that block of gigantic television show, last night on stephen colbert they put up a picture of different celebrities, well, puberty pictures at 10, 11, 12, thomas when did you go into puberty. >> twenty-eight. >> so if you two have pictures
5:52 am
of yourself in those awkward years, let me know. >> i will share them. >> how about everybody else. >> i will show mine, alex, you have some, folks watching right now, embarras yourself and embarras your family and friends. >> lets see yours. >> this is not mine. this is one of the war i have ever seen. i put this on instagram this morning. somebody said is that karen. >> it could have been there was a phase like that. >> was it one of your sisters. >> it is my sister joann. she lives in virginia. >> she's wearing conservative clothes. glasses. no contacts back in the day. >> she will be mortified when she finds out difficult this. >> show us your picture. use the #fox 29 good day. of course, everybody still talking about the 61-yard field goal that jake elliott kick, there it is again, i can't stop looking at it. so we are going to have, i heard people say, well, i
5:53 am
think i can do it if you give me enough shots. we are going to ramp fields up in the northeast across from father judge high school our cameras are already there, if you feel like you could kick, how far do you think you can kick the ball. >> i bet there is a lot of soccer players maybe that can do well, star high school soccer player. >> do you think you can do it, mike. >> no, no. >> 2 feet. >> you have no, sir looking legs, thomas. >> you tell me that every day. >> that is our conversation, we don't say hi, nice legs, nice lips, nice back there, mike. >> thanks, mike. >> see you at 6:00. as we head into break, this is a cute little friend who is it. >> do you need a pur i little friend. >> i do. >> not the big headed guy right there this is gaston, how cute this one year-old mix , loves to play around, mike, his trainer says super social, great with children. go to (215)426-6300 or pspca
5:54 am
.org. pennsylvania spca would love to hear from you. he need a good home. we will be right back. ♪
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it is finally here and tons of businesses are supporting national coffee day by offering up good deals. someplace giving out cups of coffee completely free and others stick to go discounted cups of joe. lets get to it. wawa no coupon needed any size is free, over at dunkin' they
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are letting you buy medium or large cup and get medium one free. mcdonald's giving out two dollars small specialty coffees and if you have an app is there a coupon for free medium. star bucks doing something different they are reminding customers that their coffee is sourced and supporting farmers by buying star bucks. loyalty members at 7-eleven get one free cup through sunday using bar code on the app. if you take a lyft ride today you'll get a free can of high brew cold brew coffee during your ride. "good day philadelphia", break ing news, out of phoenixville police named suspect in the deadly overnight shooting. [ engines revving ] when you drop a 603-horsepower v8 biturbo engine into one of mercedes-benz's finest luxury sedans, what do you get? [ engine stalls ] you get out of the way.
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a shoot-out, police have confirmed one man is dead, suspect police say, they are looking for right now they may have cornered him. it is just sitting there, people suffering without water , food, fuel, in puerto rico, supplies air arriving, why getting them to those in need is becoming a major challenge. as thomas just told you a little while ago, it is national coffee day, that is free coffee, folks. coffee shops across the delaware valley giving it away where you can get a free cup of joe on your way to work this morning. good day, everybody. good way to start a friday for sure, you have your eagles green on, throw back kelly gree

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